Walton WSI-INVERNA 1 Ton 12C Smart AC

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Walton WSI-INVERNA 1 Ton 12C Smart AC, Intelligent Inverter Cooling System 3517 Watts (12000 BTU/h) Colling Capacity Split AC.

Air Conditioner Type – Intelligent Inverter
Function – Cooling
Cooling Capacity – 3517 Watts (12000 BTU/h)
Compressor – Rotary (Inverter)
Refrigerant – R-32

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Basic Features

Split AC in Bangladesh

The two units of this AC are connected by a set of pipes. Refrigerant is diffused through copper pipes which generate cyclic hot or cold air through the system.

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Split AC Price in Bangladesh
Prices of Walton Split AC • 1 TON split AC TK 35,000. • 1.5 TON split AC TK 49.500. • 2 TON split AC TK 56,900

Walton Split Air Conditioner (AC) in Bangladesh
Walton WSI-INVERNA AC Bangladesh’s number one electronics brand is proud to present to you the best air conditioner in Bangladesh. AC uses state-of-the-art technology which gives it many features so you can definitely buy this air conditioner.


Why choose Walton Split Air Conditioner?

Since Walton is the top 1 electronics brand in Bangladesh, you are promised that you will get the best air conditioner in Bangladesh that you can buy for money. In terms of performance, any other AC designed by Walton can outperform. Here are some eye-catching features of the Walton Split AC.

• Just pressing a single button (ECO) will allow the unit to save up to 60% of energy compared to typical non-inverter type air conditioner.

• Silent Operation- Walton Twinfold Inverter Air Conditioner does its function smoothly and silently so that you can enjoy your peaceful sleep.

Start cooling your home during the hot summer days with Walton’s best Split AC in Bangladesh.

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