35L Bespoke Convection with Hot Blast

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35L Bespoke Convection with Hot Blast & PowerGrill all – in – One Oven Best Cooking system

Model: MC35R8088LC/SP

Hot Blast
Power Grill Duo
Steam Cook
Full Glass  Touch & White LED
Choose your Colour
Color :  Gray
Choose your Capacity : 35 L
Outside:  528x404x481 mm
Power Consumption (Microwave): 1450W
Product Type: Convection.

All-In-One Oven
Multi Player
Cook without limit. Enjoy variety of cooking options with all-in-one oven. Air Fry, Grill, Baking, Steam, Microwave, Dehydration and even Fermentation available with single oven in your kitchen.

Convenient Pre-setting
Auto Cook
Prepare delicious homemade dishes easily using the fresh ingredients at your fingertips. Simply choose from a range of pre-set cooking modes to prepare perfectly cooked dishes that are healthy, moist and full of flavor – from green beans to brown rice, and boneless chicken to salmon fillets.

New Faster Cooking
HotBlast™ technology is a brand new way of cooking that reduces cooking times significantly. Powerful hot air is blown through multiple air-holes directly onto the food, so it’s cooked evenly with a crispy outside, but juicy inside.

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Healthier fried food without a deep fryer
Air Fry
With hot air circulation and heated crusty plate, food can be cooked crispy inside and juicy outside with only a touch of oil. No more greasy pans or splatters! Combined heat source of convection and microwave reduce cooking time up to 50% compared to airfryers. (it varies on food items)

Perfectly crispy food
35L Bespoke Convection New Crusty Plate
With newly designed Crusty Plate, you can enjoy crispy and crunchy food. The structure of Crusty Plate is specially devised to drain oil easily. Since it has dent on the edge, oil can be easily gathered and removed. No more soggy chicken nuggets, potato chips and no need to worry about cleaning.

Tender and Juicier Steam
Pro Steamer
Three-layerd stainless steamer cover keeps moist of the food and prevents it being dried out. You can cook tender and juicier food inside and out.

microwave oven

More powerful heat
The PowerGrill Duo means you can enjoy perfectly grilled foods – much faster. Its innovative wide grill heater delivers significantly more power, up to a maximum of 1600w, and ensures a more consistent heat distribution.

New countertop microwave oven designed to match your kitchen interior
New Design & New Color
Enjoy more color options from cozy colors to vivid colors! Bright colors like pink, white, mint can color your kitchen while steady colors including charcoal, gray, porcelain can go well with overall interior.

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Intuitive Full-Glass Touch Control Panel & White LED
Full Glass Touch & White LED
Easy to use Glass Touch Controls provides a premium look and feel, allow you to select variety of features for optimal performance. White LED matches with all color options while giving premium looking. Displays settings and times in large and highly visible text for greater cooking convenience.

Keep It Clean With Ceramic
Ceramic Inside 35L Bespoke Convection
No more scrubbing or scratched surfaces. The durable ceramic enamel finish on the oven’s interior is easy to keep clean and scratch-free. Its smooth and sanitary surface can be cleaned without scrubbing and prevents bacteria from spreading. It also won’t discolor over time but lasts longer.

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